Michael Brogin

​Marketing Professional

"I am a college student in Colorado Springs. When I started working with Resume Pursuit I was searching for an internship that would help me get some experience in Finance. I started to put together a resume but didn't really know where to start. I didn't have any relevant experience in Finance and really didn't know what hiring managers in the industry were looking for... I worked with Resume Pursuit and they helped me design material that clearly demonstrated experiences and characteristic traits that would matter to potential employers. They quickly helped me design a Resume, Cover Letter, and Linkedin Profile that employers were impressed with. Resume Pursuit also helped me network and search for jobs in ways I was not aware of. They are professional, passionate, helpful and fun to work with. I highly recommend Resume Pursuit if you are searching for new opportunities."

Tessa Rohl

Research Analyst

What Customers Say About Resume Pursuit

"Resume Pursuit's service is not like other professional resume writing services.. They provide deep knowledge of the job market and its nuances, knowing what the best practices, and what  garners the best results. Not only do you get an intelligent Career Consultant, you get someone who is professional and passionate. Resume Pursuit helped me so much with my Resume, LinkedIn page, and Cover Letter. They helped me craft material that caught the attention of the hiring managers. Resume Pursuit really understands the balance between elaboration and conciseness of given information. Additionally, their audit of my LinkedIn page, helped me learn how to better portray my skills in a digital arena. Before I used Resume Pursuit's services, I was lost and unsure of how to portray my skills. Through their help I not only can do that, but I can proudly say I found a great job, with the help of guidance. I highly recommend Resume Pursuit if you are seeking a way to improve your professional portfolio and personal brand.

“Two years ago I was making a big change in my life, moving from Minnesota to California. I was just finishing up my graduate degree but didn’t have a ton of professional experience.  On top of that, I soon found out that I was not well versed in the world of resumes, LinkedIn and just pursuing job opportunities in general. I turned to Resume Pursuit for some help and advice. Their knowledge of resumes, LinkedIn, and career coaching in general along with their passion for helping people really made my move out to California possible."

Peter Thompson

​College Student